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Due passi nel mistero | 31.07.2013

Hello, Joan,
the fortress of Chinon is really magnificent. I'm glad that we share the same interest.
The question of the relics of Joan of Arc came to light in 2007, when the analyzes were performed. Now this evidence has been found. We do not know if it can prove that the girl was burnt at the stake, however, raises the question of the whereabouts of her ashes, or some else that belonged.
Yes, this is all very interesting, that may have been the half-sister of the Dauphin of France.
The prof. Leonardo Augusto Greco conducted a targeted search. He said that "In the official acts is never the name D'Arc and in the arms of Joan inexplicably include the flowers of lily of the royal family. Even the rehabilitation process urged by Pope Callistus III, no witnesses, said that Joan was born in Domremy and Shakespeare in his play "Henry VI", makes you say to Joan: 'I'm not the daughter of a pastor rough but belong to a royal lineage'.
The mystery continues ...

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